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Boat Scaffolding

Boat Scaffolding

Catalogue Part Number: 6870260
Manufacturer Part Number:
  • 94027

This Boat Scaffolding can be set up to follow the curvature of the boat and allow you to walk from one end to the other without stepping/climbing/ wrestling with anything.

A lever arm is used to quickly adjust the height even with heavy supplies on the Boat Scaffold. This Boat Scaffolding provides a stable, secure and safe working environment with a 32" wide platform, 20mm tightening jam nuts and 3" high end tabs to prevent boards from sliding off. Studs are also incorporated into the scaffolding to accommodate safety rails where needed.

Weight: 137.50 lbs
Includes : Å“H? Frame Base , Vertical Main Post, Platform L-Bracket, Assembly Hardware

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